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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 12, 2020 1:00pm-1:59pm PST

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ultimate road trip. his agenda, on the positive peered we think by making the things that he wants to what a 2.5 week trip that was. tax cuts permanent, we see accomplish for the american record highs again. it did the dow get there? of success that he is 1.5 million more jobs and higher already put in place. revenue. i agree with the president, there is more growth to be had neil has at next on >> neil: it is an impressive "your world." have a great afternoon. record. in this economy. i don't want to belay this part one of his budget is, let's anymore i have to. outside of saying that, i had a continue to grow even faster. >> neil: the president blames >> neil: be there or be guest on my show when fox business was covering the square. the attorney general will be the subpar growth on the testify before the house. election result, but if you federal reserve for hiking rates too soon and cutting them too don't get, senator, you should late. if you agree with that? getting rid of some prosecutors demand. but i digress. who really thought it was the the only person that could >> that december it was sort of better part of valor to quit. defeat donald trump is crazy as far as the markets, the it's a lot more than that i'm donald trump. the firing of folks and a coming at a time when things are fed. going the president's weight dismissal of folks who had harsh with the economy and the words to say about him and yeah, it seemed as disconnected markets. from the rest of the country, timing is everything and though figurative things that the president's comments on everything from roger stone to president denies. frankly and cause problems economically. last year, there was a lot of the role of the attorney general and this development just adds fuel to the fire that the in this process is getting a lot of attention. global slow down. at the white house with the very president created. do you buy that? obviously, these trade disputes, latest. we are starting to see blues >> good afternoon, neil. >> i think the president has a hear from the white house, the guide have an impact. prospective as they say that terrific record to run on. i think genetically, neil, we and i believe when he runs on this between eight never discussed this with the attorney ant coming when he communicates are a 3% growth are better. that to the american people, he will have a very compelling general william barr. narrative about why he ought to we have to make the right
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be given a second 4-year term. decisions. the president and the the wrong decisions are what the oval office meeting with the democrat presidential democrats equatorial president. sometimes not to dwell on other are promoting, higher taxes on this certainly came up in which things, and obviously, he has though president said that this was a good decision, that the taken -- and i think anybody everyone and shrink your paycheck through the payroll tax would come up many of the unfair increases. judge department made to drop attacks have been made against we know that doesn't work on the the senate's recommendation for him personally. i think the best thing for him growth side. his longtime friend roger stone. to do is to rise above that and >> neil: let's talk about the payroll tax cut. just to keep moving america >> president trump: i want to that would be immediate. thank the justice department forward and continue to put that would be an impact to policies in place that are going everybody. foreseeing this horrible thing. i did not speak to him by the to improve the lives -- the are you open to that? way just so you understand. >> i am not. everyday lives of americans in they saw the horribleness of a this country. if he does that, he will win in here's why. 9-year sentence for doing a landslide. social security and medicare are nothing. already on shaky financial you have murderers and drug that is what i would hope that ground. he would pave it and do cutting the main revenue source addicts that don't get nine particularly coming out of this years. most recent impeachment process. for them doesn't help. >> senate minority leader has growing the jobs and paychecks like we have seen under the president would actually bring written to the inspector general i think the american people were frustrated by it. appeared he wants an that's why the president has enjoyed the numbers that he has. investigation. in $705 billion more and federal she's calling for the taxes. that is really helpful. attorney general to appear it is a loser for the american tax cuts are not really stimul before the senate judiciary committee. you've got senator richard people when their leaders are distracted with something like stimulus. blumenthal the democrat from what we went through here with if you do it right, and make connecticut who wants william them permanent, they grow even impeachment. i think they are ready to turn bigger over time. barr to resign. the page and move forward. i hope that the president and that long-term growth is why we did the tax cuts, not the short announced by the house judiciary committee that they have reached an agreement for the republicans in congress and democrats will work with us to
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attorney general to appear at the end of next month. get some good things done for term. >> neil: you're dealing with a this country. democratic house. >> neil: that sounds like a you're dealing with a president >> neil: thank you very, very very polite and a manly way of much. calmly advising the president to who has gotten into a little controversy today, the democrats john threw him, senator, do you be quiet. think this is a big >> well, we do what we can, deal that the speech we need to neil. >> neil: senator, thank you very much. we respond to this are charging him with trying to get his way with the justice department. president risk appearing? breaking news. the breaking news is how the you know about the prosecutors who resigned rather than accept the administration advising them >> i think in the end a judge is democrats sees or don't seize on on lesser jail terms for roger going to decide this, neil. this early process. stone. this is a legal process. in new hampshire, they are having said all of that, you rearranging that process. think that the president that a judge come to the behavior in that regard hurt is conclusion about what the peter joins us from the granite sentence ought to be. state. >> neil: i apologize for that otherwise very powerful economic brief hit. senator, a lot of this occurs >> neil, bernie sanders is tax cut message? trying to make his platform easy >> you know, i will be honest. right after the political i have paid attention to that to understand. his supporters were really developments. excited about it. issue for this reason. he won heavily in new hampshire. >> the wealthy and powerful will he ultimately won. overwhelmingly bipartisan start paying their fair share of support for a bill that ends the the economy is going his way, taxes. market is going this way, the medical bills in america. [cheers and applause] dow, nasdaq all at records it is really good. we will make public colleges and it is really smart. it will help a lot of families. today. something like this develops. we have spent months on that universities tuition free and should the democrats be jumping issue. on it? cancel all student debt. >> neil: any of this other >> i think the democrats are stuff gets in the way and
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always looking for something to pounce on with the president. prevents it from happening? [cheers and applause] >> sanders has a nationwide >> i don't, i don't. it is really hard for them. in this case, i think there's i am sure they are frustrated organization in place already. bipartisan support. for all of the reasons that you just mentioned. with impeachment, we are hopeful pete buttigieg has been working that it is done. on building one. if that is the case, i think we when you see now 23 consecutive third-place amy klobuchar's have a chance to work together. months where the unemployment rate has been at or below 4%. infrastructure is something rival campaigns are skeptical that would be tremendous. 18 straight months where of. she is saying that she thinks >> neil: kevin brady, the guy year-over-year wage growth is she can catch up. about 3% since the president was that started tax cuts before it >> do you feel like you beat the elected, there have been 7 million jobs created. odds here tonight? was cool, before trump or anyone >> i have beaten the odds more else. the economy is humming, and it's than that. kevin brady.are you ready for tg a lot to do with the policies of i am not bolted to my senate desk anymore, and i was able to the president working with caucus site right after this? republicans in congress have put get out here in new hampshire in place. and it has made a big fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. difference. energy policies i'm a trade that is what i will do in neva policy. we want to trade on that nevada. foundation is owed does the >> as sanders and buttigieg and president. the democrats for the moment seem like they have not given up on the attacks. amy klobuchar claim success for we just came through an different reasons, tennessee where he just threw an overflow impeachment process in a very partisan way. crowd add contrasted himself with sanders. they sent impeachment articles over to the senate where we >> we don't need a revolution, heard the case and concluded that they had not made the case. we want evolution. we want a nominee that can deliver it. we acquitted the president. >> elizabeth warren's campaign that is not going to stop the is canceling some ads to move attacks in the democrats. that is clear from the most money into nevada and giving
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recent rounds. supporters advice about how to but allstate helps you. with drivewise. cope with last night's >> neil: do you think that the fourth-place finish with an email that said take a walk feedback that helps you drive safer. president gave them more ammunition or suspicion that he around the block, eat an extra and that can lower your cost intervened or that is just as it now that you know the truth... department intervened to lower piece of chocolate, hug your are you in good hands? pets, adopt a pet, watch videos of cats and dogs that are the guidelines before what would be an acceptable time for roger stone to serve in prison? friends. calling friend, and whatever that he should have just had a works. hands-off policy? taking a day off the trail after a late night when they get back >> my preference would be to let out there. the legal process work it's way >> neil: all good points of true. advice. and i think in the end, that is peter, thank you very, very much. if you think any of this was what will happen here. you will have a judge that is unnerving markets about the going to render a verdict when latest and where this race is it comes to a sentence. but i do think that i would like going or barr testifying on to see the president focus on the things that he has done and capitol hill, it had a funny way is doing currently to continue of showing it. it's a new record for the to build upon the growth that we dow jones industrial. see in the economy and what is more than 49 points away from happening out there with jobs and continue to work on dow 30,000. the nasdaq also at a record. infrastructure for example, drug pricing. there are a lot of things out there that i think that we can lots of records after this... do that will keep that momentum tr, moving forward and continue to is about to become your problem. create the conditions that are ahh no, come on. favorable to economic growth, i saw you eating poop earlier.
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higher wages, and better performing jobs. that is what the american people want to hear is focused on. anytime we can get the president talking about his accomplishments or agenda, that is a much better place to be. obviously, i think he is very frustrated and rightly so in many cases about what the democrats to throw at him. ♪ they are not satisfied. they certainly are frustrated because of the success that he ♪ has had. they have not liked him from the very beginning. >> neil: the president might have legitimate reasons to -- ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls now starting at $7.99. the present judge might consider now that's eatin' good or would consider for roger in the neighborhood. stone. some like what he has done and said online about this judge. as you indicated, she is free to [ disthave you ever wondered [ distant band playing ] what the motorcade driver drives make whatever she thinks is an appropriate sentence, regardless when they're not in a motorcade? of pressure or lack thereof. but that he was intimidating her. [ upbeat music starts ] [ engine revving ] do you interpret his actions as
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♪ intimidating? this one drives a volkswagen passat. >> look, i think that is obviously going to be a matter of perception. that is clearly the case, the ♪ democrats are going to make. i think the president weighs in on a whole lot of subject on a daily basis. i think that he was simply speaking what he saw his mind on this. i think again in the end the legal process ought to work. that is why we have a court system in this country and ultimately a judge is going to decide this within parameters of course that are in place. ♪ in my view, it is not uncommon for this president as he has on spake out all right , time for vegas, baby. so many other issues to we focun jonathan hunt is there with the latest. hey, jonathan. >> the big winner in new hampshire last night may have been the state of nevada. suddenly being showered with attention by candidates who want to separate themselves from the pack. senator amy klobuchar announcing
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a million-dollar tv ad spend immediately after the results came through in new hampshire. she's competing for the moderate wing of the democratic party, in block with mayor pete buttigieg. both of them trailed senator bernie sanders in new hampshire. my focus is on the road, he is confident he can come here we all use our cellphones very differently. to nevada and solidify his (vo) why the french family chose verizon. so, she's always on social media. status as the front runner, far he's always watching sports. behind them is the former someone's video chatting her friends. vice president joe biden. my parents are getting older clearly struggling to get any so knowing that i can get in touch with them momentum but hoping that here in at any time is really comforting. grandma, you're on tv! nevada with his strong and (grandma) wow! what channel? (vo) the network more people rely on, gives you more. long-standing appeal to like plans your family can mix and match minorities and his strong and starting at just $35. long-standing connections with so everyone gets the plan they need. unions, which are strong in and disney+ on us. nevada, he can create a plus, one of our best phones when you buy one. that's verizon. comeback. we will find out february 22nd, when we stage here in nevada the first caucus since the disaster of iowa. nevada democrats have been sending out very complex >> neil: all right. this will be the holy grail for guidelines for how this caucus is supposed to run. we will see if it happens.
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joe biden trying to make a go of it for himself in carolina and >> thank you, my friend. ♪ get things right there. can this happen? >> greg: hi, i'm greg gutfeld she's in columbia, with katie pavlik, juan williams, jesse watters, south carolina, with the latest. >> neil, no one expected joe biden to bail on his own dana perino, "the five." primary nightwatch party in new hampshire and had to south carolina. doing that allowed his campaign to look forward to the next round of voting, at this time bernie's first, mayor pete is second, klobuchar is third. and diverse states which the campaign hopes will turn things poor liz came in fourth but it around for him. was a photo finish. >> all evidence says that biden's campaign said that iowa elizabeth warren has finished and new hampshire don't have the same demographics. out of the money. she has finished fourth. she is still at work. and if the order was reversed elizabeth warren, who lives just with south carolina and nevada to the south of the state of voting first, they said the new hampshire is taking a conversation would be different. speaking to a crowd of 200 last picture with all who ask. spigot this isn'tel night, biden said no one has won the population without overwhelming support from the black community, which he is relying on here. the campaign pushed back on the notion that the race is over for biden. >> we don't feel tired.
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we have come too far from where we started. no one told me that the road would be easy. i don't believe you brought me this far to stop now. if you don't like what >> there is indication that biden's donors are c asking them to dig deep into their pockets under pressure that michael bloomberg could replace biden as the leading moderate. biden's campaign was quick to comment on linked audio from 2015 where bloomberg was racially stereotyping murderers. bloomberg apologized for that policy. biden set the content was disturbing and a simple apology it does not cut it. >> neil: jacqui, thank you very, very much. he is hearing that some of them are getting nervous. good to see you.
1:10 pm
what is happening? >> i think there is a general consensus among those biden people, the wall street guys that i speak to our direct access to those people and the vice president himself will be in new york tomorrow for two fund-raisers. the general sense is this, the chips are on south carolina. he has to win convincingly add to do well in nevada and do well on super tuesday. you know, i don't know what "well" means. >> neil: it means winning. >> he has to win and win coconvincingly and not that gret and the other states. i don't know. i think a lot of this depends, will people pull money from him? i think you're starting to see that. they will tell you that the two fund-raisers tomorrow are well attended and oversubscribed. they don't tell you that they were oversubscribed preiowa.
1:11 pm
they have been marketing this thing for a while. they don't reflect commitments made after iowa and new hampshire. that, i think it is the problem. he has so many issues. you can see it in the raw numbers. that is where we are right now. it is kind of a sad end. he took a lot of it at first. remember people always said, joe biden's best day will be his first day. he survived beyond that. i think this is really where it gets to the republican strategy. the whole hundred biden thing with the ukraine. the democratic donors, i think, are sitting there. they used to call president trump mad, now they call him a mad genius. he raised the issue. he did something stupid that i got him impeached, but he knew that he was going to get exonerated. all that joe biden has been doing for the last three or four coat months is defending his son. he looks like a small creature in doing so.
1:12 pm
>> neil: he is not the world's best campaigner,ittle bit about the money guys. he was employing them. you will say that they will stay with them through at least south carolina? >> that is what they are telling me. >> neil: super tuesday has many delegates at stake. one-third in their prime. you get a percentage of that, you are still in the race. >> you could still be in the race anyway when the money dries up. this is a fluid situation, and there are other candidates that are vying for that moderate wing of the party that looked pretty strong. >> doesn't that look tough for bloomberg because of that? >> yes, i think in a democratic party where you have activists that are very progressive, he is looked upon as buying the election. i don't think that you can have a billionaire buying the election. republicans couldn't care less.
1:13 pm
wall street democrats couldn't care less. i think mike bloomberg has a harder road than most people give him credit for. with the surprises, amy klobuchar looks like an alternative on the moderate wing. buttigieg looks pretty strong. we would like bernie to fade and may be buttigieg to get in the there. they are still not sold on bloomberg being able to do this, because the objects look really bad. if you are republican, no one would care. he's a democrat. the progressive wing of the party is very strong and very vocal. can you imagine if he buys the election and doesn't show up to a debate -- >> neil: what does that say about the party that they are more open and willing to do that then to give this nomination the bernie sanders? >> we have reported this in the past about president obama. the figures are hillary clinton and president obama.
1:14 pm
from what i understand, people have spoken with them. they are up in arms that this party is going to the bernie sanders route. >> neil: they think it is a sure way to defeat. >> a sure way to defeat and he is a bridge too far. he's a socialist. >> neil: thank you very much. reporting on that. michael bloomberg still in it to win yet. with a $90 million ad buy on super tuesday alone. three weeks from super tuesday, we will find out whether it was money well spent. he's a systems quarterback.
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>> a candidate in just a year and a couple of states. it is very little time that t have for everyplace else including tennessee. and i don't think that is good
1:18 pm
for our country or our party. if there are 50 states, and i am determined to go to all 50 states. [cheers and applause] because, if you're going to reignite this country, you might as well unite all of the count country. >> neil: michael bloomberg in chattanooga, tennessee, today. that is one of the super tuesday states he's banking on after skipping iowa and new hampshire. rudy giuliani back into this and eight, al gore in 1988. francesca chambers, he is banking on the other guys sort of stumbling on each other. he emerges as an alternative figure who scores big points in urban areas and some of the urban states that he has spent a lot of time in. super tuesday offers one-third of those delegates that are needed to capture the nomination. how well does he do? >> he is not the only one, neil,
1:19 pm
making that argument anymore. you have joe biden and elizabeth warren saying, they don't really matter that much. they have all these other states yet to vote. that is really a similar argument as to what bloomberg is making. you add south carolina and nevada to that, there are several banking on this super tuesday strategy and saying the number of delegates that day is so much higher than these early states. if we could just do well they are, we could stay in this thing. of course, not everyone could stay in this thing past march. someone is eventually going to have to drop out. >> neil: some have been dropping out to your point. michael bennet, colorado senator. i am beginning to wonder that the fact that amy klobuchar emerged to the degree that she did, mayor pete emerged to the degree that he did that the bernie alternative lane might already be filled at bloomberg
1:20 pm
might not be that guy. >> he could also be an alternative to those other candidates that you just mentioned that are more in the moderate lane there. i think that is more in some places with these aiming to do. california. as to whether or not it is filled or not, i think what you saw in new hampshire is that there is a battle going on within that moderate lane. pete buttigieg emerging as the front runner of that moderate lane, but amy klobuchar really hanging in there in a way that was quite unexpe expectations and showing that she is still in it too appeared joe biden counting on south carolina here. >> neil: when i was in new hampshire and iowa, i got the feeling from bernie sanders supporters that they feel that something is going to be taken away from them. the higher-ups are wary that he's percolating and he's going to get burned.
1:21 pm
they are ready for that. they hear dispensing with this rule that superdelegates cannot vote on the first ballot. i would imagine that would create party civil war. what do you think? >> you might be hearing that from bernie sanders supporters. certainly the campaign has backed off that line of argument this time. he is trying to do one really big thing here in order to become the front runner but also the nominee of this party. that is proof that he can unite democrats, and that he is not going to get sucked into these interparty wars that will cause democrats to lose against donald trump in the general election. he is not making that argument. his campaign is not making that argument, although his supporters might be. >> neil: it is still way too early in the process. only 2% to 3% of all the delegates up for grabs and have been counted. let's get an idea of where we are going. thank you very much, my friend.
1:22 pm
the cdc telling americans to get a lay of the land here. the issue over there, the coronavirus could still be an issue over here. after this... ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> neil: is the president trying to strong-arm the balance of justice here? i did not take very long for democratic candidates to respo respond. the prosecution of roger stone muis dangerous. more after this... with this key to the city.
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[applause] >> neil: you bet they were happy. passengers avoid the cruise ship finally getting approval to dock fter being refused multiple ports entry over fear of the coronavirus. this has 11 -- >> there are several hundred americans onboard the cruiseship which left a port in hong kong. it was turned away from ports in thailand, the philippines, taiwan, and japan after health officials in those countries learned the vessel was carrying passengers with a recent travel china. world health organization said there are no recorded cases of covid-19, that is the new name for this virus aboard the wester dam. it is a different story for the
1:27 pm
diamond princess cruise ship. today today's health ministry cases of covid-19. those affected included japanese health officials ithe world's ls industry trade show canceled this year's in barcelona because "global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and others make it possible for the tsma to hold the event. here in georgia, the department of health confirms that it is approximately 200 georgia travelers had recently returned from china instructing them on how to self monitor for symptoms. right now, these travelers are not showing any symptoms. they are considered only medium risk because they did not visit the epicenter of this outbreak. in other words, they did not visit the province.
1:28 pm
instead, other parts of china. they have been given detailed instructions on what to do if they do develop symptoms, primarily contacting public health officials before they present at a doctor's office or hospital so they can put proper infection control in place. >> neil: thank you very, very much, my friend. are we prepared to deal with this? senator, thank you for taking the time. >> great to be with you, thank you. >> neil: we hear that this is still pretty much isolated to china, asia even though it has engulfed 20 some odd countries, our own included. it is rounding the band. i don't want to put words in their mouth. it is that you feel? >> it is. we had our roundtable today. we had our experts testify. we think the risk to the
1:29 pm
united states is very low. but we have to keep our eye on it. really the focus is trying to contain the infection as much as possible. the chinese government has instituted some aggressive action. they need to do that. our department of homeland security is on it. we have folks on our borders screening folks as they come across. >> neil: some folks are concerned about a 14-day incubation period. folks are not ticking time bombs that we fear. there aren't that many of them, and b, the concern that this could explode in this country is just unfounded. you agree with that? >> i don't think that we could get to that conclusion right now. we still need to know more about the virus. it has asymmetric contagion, which means if you don't have any symptoms, you can still be contagious. that is very problematic that people can move around.
1:30 pm
i would not be in a situation of panic, but we should be in a situation on alert to get more information. today we did get some of that information. some of the discussion has been when temperatures get warmer, that coronavirus tends to go down. we learned that they are seeing cases in singapore right now. singapore is pretty hot. it is a hot environment. they are not sure that this will necessarily be the case with this virus. quite frankly, it is frustrating that we don't have more of our folks in china. the chinese government has not been open to having the types of cdc folks would like to have on the ground helping the chinese to get a better sense of what we are dealing with so that we can contain it more effectively. >> neil: you read my mind on the singapore example. it's quite warm there and yet the disease festers peer that calls into question whether hopes of the virus facing warmer weather would die on its own. because that was certainly ultimately what would beat sars
1:31 pm
down to size. a vaccine is still a year or more off we are told. i'm wondering if the warm weather thing has been shatter shattered. >> that is the concern. we are watching singapore very closely. the officials have testified today. if they will have a better sense in the next week or two as to what is happening. that may mean that we are in for a bigger threat if that is not the case. >> neil: we will watch it closely. senator, thank you very much for taking the time. >> neil: what happens in new hampshire is repeated in other states. why what happened this time could be different this time. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like james lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7!
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it's an easy way to earn it's cashback on the stuff i'm already buying. sometimes it's 3% sometimes it's 8% but you're always getting cashback. so it's like getting free money. >> neil: alt-right. i don't know if they are all political experts, the ones i've talked to say that the only ones
1:35 pm
that can defeat donald trump's donald trump. if he does something stupid like getting himself involved in the attorney general investigation. inserting himself or trying to influence the process that they charge is the kind of stuff that coupled with firing people who said nasty things about him during the impeachment process is kindling a fire that the president has started in the face of something he should and crow about how about the strong economy and the strong markets. the read on that, "the new york post" and last but not least, bloomberg posterior. to begin with you on that view. whether you like the president or not, it's hard to argue the economy and the market. stuff like this stumbles in and out of the gate. what do you think? >> you are talking about the stuff with the "stop-and-friks"? >> neil: no, i'm talking about the president. >> i think he can beat the
1:36 pm
president. he's ahead by 7 to 8 points. i agree with the basic premise. donald trump should be ten points higher and the polls based on the objective indicators in our economy, the markets. we are at peace. we don't have any active conflicts right now that i appear ready to boil over. yet the president's rating is all-time 49%, not 50%. his horse race number against bloomberg and a few others is well below 45. >> neil: these are national numbers. one of the things to come up is the fact that the president is free to have a very strong feeling that is old friend roger stone is getting -- here. he's venturing out there and throwing that out there. i was talking with john thume,
1:37 pm
paraphrasing here, sometimes it's better to crow about the things that the american people can clearly see right before their eyes. >> i think that's exactly right, neil. i was on maria's show. he is no water carrier for president trump as i think you and your viewers know. he thought what roger stone did, the sender's recommendation should be 1 to 3 years, he serves less than one. it sounds like the justice department before donald trump said anything that they were going to look at this. they did not like a recommendation from the prosecutor, but then donald trump had to tweet. he is always his own worst ene enemy. >> neil: be that as it may, a lot of people can respectfully and personally disagree on the subject, but even his close supporters end up saying, don't get yourself in the weeds of that. however you feel about the process that might be sticking it to you and your friends. intimidating a judge or the
1:38 pm
appearance of intimidating the judge, you don't need it, mr. president. you have the economy on fire, markets on fire. don't do it. >> they love hearing from president trump no matter what it is. they see him as a fighter and someone that speak his mind. in regards to late-breaking news with bar and roger stone. barr has the right to changes in essence. the left is going to try to make an example out of him. that's how i see this coming down. i don't know the whole story. that is how i see this. >> neil: how do you see -- dog, michael bloomberg and how to present this economy that the rich have been giving the free ride -- that that will be something that will resonate, that theupsell?
1:39 pm
>> they will discuss income inequality and wage president having an uncritical, unabashed freedom to jump into whatever matter he wants. we have the separation of the justice department who is supposed to be independent, the judiciary independent. >> neil: it was that case under obama and certainly during the kennedy administration. it is blind and nonpartisan. >> i didn't say that. i said it should be. if it is wrong for bobby kennedy and obama, there are plenty of candidates that would support that. i think the president would be best to do well enough alone. i hope she makes an independent judgment. i think that she will. i also think the president should stay out of it. i don't think roger deserves the initial recommendation. >> from what i understand, barr before -- >> a certain news network where
1:40 pm
as they are. how do they happen to know? >> neil: the real final thought on this, is it the kind of stuff that gets in the way of other far clearer positive messages that the president should be pounding? >> it sure will distract from the positive message. there were a lot worse things said about him that i think voters are not necessarily going to have at the top of their minds in november. i think they will be thinking with their pocketbooks. the judge is making the determination. >> neil: she will make your own mind. she is an independent woman. >> i went to law school with h her. >> neil: she will decide what she decides. democrats proposing tax hikes, and republicans pushing for a tax cut 2.0. after this... tries, for the exact same drugs.
1:41 pm
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>> neil: well, he has a budget out and surprisingly 2020 democrats are slamming the president for budget cuts and hiking taxes on the rich. ranking member kevin brady on all of that. always good to have you, kevin. one of the things that i notice is that you want to follow up on the tax cuts with the tax cut 2.0, but not represented or doctored in the president's budget. what are we to make of that? >> it is a high priority. at the hard part of >> needs budget, like any business, the financial challenges, grow the revenue. he's got thethat continues for e
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